A Muhammad Ali-Inspired Web3 Game Is Lacing Up Its Gloves

The Alpha:

The celebration of the 47th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s career-defining Thrilla in Manila pay-per-view bout will go down on the metaverse, according to a press release shared with nft now.Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Non-Fungible Labs have partnered up with Altered State Machine to provide the Greatest’s loyal fanbase a truly unique AI metaverse boxing experience.This AI-driven metaverse game, called Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends, will feature digital boxing avatars equipped with Altered State Machine’s AI NFT brains.The mint for these AI boxers will go live on October 1 via a Pro-Pack bundle that features some of the most “intelligent” AI boxers to enter the virtual ring once the game goes live sometime in 2023.

Why it matters

As a brand, Muhammad Ali is no stranger to the world of NFTs. In June 2022, green NFT marketplace OneOf partnered with the late great boxer’s estate to craft a set of digital collectibles modeled after the most iconic moments from Ali’s decades-long career as a boxer-cum-social-activist. But what if the boxer’s enduring fans had a way of more tangibly participating in his legacy? That’s exactly what Altered State Machine and Non-Fungible Labs had in mind when they stepped into this project.

So will that mean you’ll get to step into Ali’s boots to virtually re-live some of his most exciting fights? Not quite. If you’re looking for that specific experience, then Foes of Ali might be more up your alley (assuming you’ve a 3DO lying around). That isn’t what Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends is about. In the new game, you’ll play as whatever virtual boxing avatar you can secure during the mint on October 1, going on a journey inspired by Ali’s legendary career. At the top of the mountain, players will compete to see who deserves the title of being The Next Legend.

However, not all of these virtual boxers will be built the same. Anyone who can snag a boxer from the Pro Pack mint on October 1 will find their virtual boxers starting with a higher rank, with free in-game items bundled in a rare Gym Bag. The contents of these bags will be revealed in an upcoming Locker Room event, according to a Q&A blog post published by Altered State Machine.

Altered State Machine’s involvement also guarantees unique game mechanics for the upcoming title. Using its AI “brain” architecture, these fully-customizable boxers will learn and train on their own, without direct player involvement. “Being able to have your assets take over when you go to the beach with your kids or whatever it is, is one way [ASM] can have an impact as these metaverse spaces get built out,” said Altered State Machine CEO David McDonald in an interview with nft now. With this, there’s hope that the game will be an enjoyable, grind-free experience.

What’s next

So what’s in it for Altered State Machine? This project could be an excellent way to onboard new users to the Futureverse platform, which aims to provide global users with an open metaverse centered on user ownership. Indeed, the game’s launch comes with various incentives for holders of Futureverse-related NFTs and assets. Namely, better odds of landing on a Pro Pack, come minting time.

But the Next Legends team just isn’t concerned with onboarding users onto their own platforms. They want to do their part in providing yet another easy path into Web3. “With more eyes on the Metaverse than ever before, it’s integral that builders in the space create beautiful, simple user experiences to invite newcomers into the world of Web3 with ease,” said Altered State Machine Co-Founder Aaron McDonald, in the press release. “This immersive mint journey for Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends is the first of many revolutionary approaches from ASM to simplify and gamify engagement in the Metaverse.”

But wait, there’s more:

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