5 NFTs People Have Minted Onto Their Skin

Since at least 2017, communities have rallied around NFT projects across the entire space, as seen with the explosion in popularity the CryptoPunks community and others enjoyed IRL, in the form of in-person community meetups and events. But for others, projects have inspired so much love in some members’ hearts that they’ve decided to represent their favorite NFTs IRL permanently — with tattoos.

Considering the recent rise of NFTs existing in our physical world, it’s no surprise that enthusiasts have taken to using NFTs they own, or simply just like a lot, in a profoundly personal way. After all, what could be a more personal and lasting way of showing your love for a specific project than having it burned into your skin? It only lasts forever, much like the NFT itself.

OSF makes good on the promise to get a rektguy tattoo

As promised. @rektguyNFT pic.twitter.com/yjeTdIytJk

— OSF (@osf_rekt) December 13, 2022

In solidarity with a community-wide rally to raise the rektguy NFT collection to a 1 ETH floor price on NFT marketplace leader OpenSea last December 2022, project Co-Founder OSF made good on a promise to get a tattoo of his iconic creation upon meeting the goal. As of writing, the collection is sitting at a floor price of 1.65 ETH on OpenSea. With even higher milestones on the horizon for the PFP NFT project, it may only be a matter of time until OSF and other brave members of the rektguy community get inked once again.

Gunna’s iconic Bored Ape tattoo

Rapper Gunna’s tattoo of his Bored Ape. Source: gunna/Instagram

Taking part in the massive NFT bull run of late 2021, rapper Gunna purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for more than $300,000 in December 2021, according to a video published on the four-time Grammy nominee’s official Instagram account.

To deepen his bond with his newly acquired ape, the rapper christened his NFT “Butta,” and proceeded to get a tattoo of it on his leg.

Invisible Friends community reveals their tattoos

O ya!! It happened!! Finally got an @InvsbleFriends tattoo!! It came out sick!!! Love this guy!! Shall we name him?! @coinbilly_ #invisiblefriends #nft #tattoo pic.twitter.com/7ihGyZnsUL

— TheMoneyLeg.eth (@TheMoneyLeg) December 29, 2022



Here’s an Invisible Friends inspired “Magician with a cat on his hat” tattoo to celebrate that.@InvsbleFriends
BING BONG. (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) pic.twitter.com/9NaAZJsBvo

— Nicole (@hel000ise) December 22, 2021

Maybe I should add “No Ragrets” to my Invisible Friends tattoo pic.twitter.com/ckXqI4EEZb

— BIZARRE FRANCOᵍᵐ (@jpegfreek) January 13, 2022

Over the years, the Invisible Friends PFP NFT collection has garnered much love throughout the NFT community, largely thanks to how it’s inherently inclusive. Each Invisible Friend NFT can be anyone. Given the project’s openness to people of all backgrounds, community support has been strong since its initial February 2022 launch. It also helps that each Invisible Friend’s threads are unforgettable.

As a show of appreciation for the collection’s simple, clean, and tasteful art style, numerous members of the Invisible Friends community have proudly shared with the world their permanent pieces of body art.

Goblintown tattoos galore

WWhᵘᵗ’ˢˢ ᵃ gooₒn tᵤ a ₉ₒobˡeₑiⁿ? @goblintown pic.twitter.com/Zs6Y7drRfn

— Aging Death  (@AgingDeath) September 12, 2022

With permission from Truth Labs Co-Founder GR≡Y, longtime Goblintown supporters Aging Death proudly shared their matching Goblin tattoos with the rest of the community in September 2022. They’re not the only residents of Goblintown to proudly let their Goblin flag fly, either. During a December 2022 community event, several members of the Goblin faithful followed suit at a tattoo booth on the event grounds.

Madlad gets Larva Lads tat

Larva lads getting serious! Someone got a new tattoo.#nft #nftcommuntiy #nftcollector #larvalads #CRYPTOPUNK @larvalads pic.twitter.com/geSSbyOhdW

— raws.eth (@rawsone_) January 9, 2022

With its massive success, CryptoPunks has enjoyed as one of the space’s true OGs, a deluge of projects have followed in its wake taking inspiration from the original collection of generative PFP NFTs. Larva Lads is no different. A play on CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs and their all-important creation, Larva Lads is a collection of 5,000 pixelated larva NFTs.

In a massive show of support for this project, NFT artist and collector raws.eth proudly kicked off 2022 by sharing something deeply personal with the Twitterverse: a tattoo of his own personal Larva Lad NFT.

Is it open season for NFT tattoos?

Although people get tattoos of licensed characters and IPs all the time without asking permission, things don’t tend to be that simple in the still-growing NFT space. Often, individuals will get NFT-related tattoos themed after or directly depicting NFTs under their ownership.

Since tattoos represent a massive commitment on the “tattooee’s” end, much of what gives these tattoos meaning is bound to the blockchain. In some ways, tattoos represent the spirit of how blockchain technology, and NFTs, have a leg up over Web2 technologies. They’re permanent — a welcome departure from the increasingly transient nature of our world.

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