Here Are 10 Influential Collectors You Should Be Following in 2023

With the new year comes new opportunities, renewed excitement, and of course, fresh problems. While 2023 has yet to hit the NFT space hard in any respect, general blockchain enthusiasts are undoubtedly preparing to ride the ups and downs of the NFT market for another year. But for the truly devout, seasoned collectors, the new year also brings with it a chance at greatness.

While both established creators and the up-and-comers featured in nft now’s Next Up nail down their minting plans for the year, collectors both big and small are looking to execute profitable flips and collect elusive grails. But not all collectors are created equal. While some hide in the shadows to carry out trades day after day in a drive to stack ETH, others operate in the public eye, aiming to support artists, inspire others, and provide wisdom to their followers.

So to honor those who’ve consistently shown up in the NFT space, we’ve hand-picked 10 collectors that have had a palpable influence on the ecosystem over the last year. Chosen through qualitative metrics and presented in no specific order, these movers and shakers are folks you’ve probably heard of by now, and are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Cozomo de’ Medici

Once in a great while, a work drops that shows you the power of art, to move your heart and shake your soul

That’s why I feel @deekaymotion‘s ‘Life and Death’ will go down as a defining work of this era

And why I was thrilled to acquire it today, for $1m USD, or 310 ETH

— Cozomo de’ Medici (@CozomoMedici) April 8, 2022

Cozomo de’Medici is a pseudonymous NFT collector, investor, and thought leader who has become one of the most popular and prominent names in the NFT community. First becoming active on Twitter in August 2021, he quickly amassed a large following by posting cryptic Tweets, sharing selfies with major celebrities, and trolling the NFT community with a stunt in which he appeared to reveal himself to be legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. While it is apparent that Cozomo has ties to many higher-ups within the music industry, he built a reputation throughout 2022 as an anon who is champions crypto-artists, a collector of NFTs from lesser-known creators, and the purveyor of a vast network of investors through the Medici Group.


1. As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be useful to do a little overview of the “OSF ecosystem”.

Here’s your guide on all the different pieces of art I have out there, and my thoughts and plans going forward.

— OSF (@osf_rekt) December 29, 2022

Former Wall Street trader turned NFT enthusiast OSF wears many hats within the NFT ecosystem. First known in the space as a whale collector, he has since adopted the roles of artist and builder through the art project Rekt Guy as well as via Canary Labs, a Web3 imprint created in collaboration with his fellow pseudonymous NFT collector Mando. Aside from finding success with Rekt Guy, OSF remains an avid collector and champion of both creators and traders, with his platform Degenz providing its audience with frequent, deep, and insightful analyses of the NFT market.


Hype cycles go too far… doesn’t mean the message is not as true today as it was then

— YeahYeah / Punk638 / BEEPLE EVERYDAYS (@2Yeahyeah) December 1, 2022

YeahYeah is an NFT collector, curator, and enthusiast who has amassed a following by routinely offering insights into — and analysis of — the NFT market. He styles himself as a buyer and seller of crypto-art that he deems “historically significant.” To this end, he focuses on art created from around 2018 to 2020, while also taking interest in creations and creators that push the boundaries of crypto art and NFT tech. His collecting tactics have been covered by the New York Times, he’s one of the all-time leading collectors in sales on SuperRare, and was even honored by NFT superstar Beeple with a portrait featuring the likeness of his unique CryptoPunk #638.


wow, this is such an honor!

thank you so much to the @GALLERY community for nominating me for this honor

makes me happy to see that the collection is adding something to the gen art space and collector/appreciator community!

— DCinvestor.eth ⌐◨-◨ (@iamDCinvestor) December 21, 2022

DC Investor is one of the leading investors and project advisors in the NFT space. Billed by some as owning “the world’s greatest NFT portfolio,” he was an early adopter of crypto, and as soon as NFTs started picking up steam, he went all-in on crypto art. As such, his impressive collection features some of the biggest names in NFTs, like CryptoPunks and Art Blocks. Considered a seasoned and knowledgeable collector, he often gives input and advice on the goings-on in both the crypto and NFT spaces, via his Twitter account, offering his followers invaluable insight into the current and future direction of the market.


I am actually here for the art – Many of the artists I collect would go to WAR for me – fuck around and find out

— Anonymoux ⌐◨-◨ (@Anonymoux2311) May 8, 2022

As the name suggests, Anonymoux is an anonymous NFT collector who has leveraged his background in investment management, — in addition to prior experience in online poker and fantasy sports — into a successful run as an NFT investor. Starting out with 50 CryptoPunks in January 2021, he managed to grow his collection at an astonishing rate while maintaining his persona as a sort of “everyman” of the NFT space. Aside from Anonymoux’s work curating and collecting high-value NFTs, he often offers wisdom and encouragement to his many artist and collector followers on Twitter.

Keyboard Monkey

When @osf_nft & @greatmando_nft came to me a few weeks ago with the idea to host a new weekly twitter spaces I was unsure at first. It took me an entire 30 seconds after hanging up to decide.

So, every Thursday we’re going to be interviewing risk takers live on @rektradio_

— Keyboard Monkey -KBM- (@KeyboardMonkey3) November 14, 2022

One of the most successful traders in the NFT space — with over a decade of experience in trading in stocks and crypto to his name — is Keyboard Monkey (also known as KBM). An early entrant to the NFT trend, he has ridden the wave to massive success, breaking his process down to a science. His advice on how to play the NFT market is well-regarded in the community, and he’s also seen as a master at seeking out rare 1/1s. Additionally, he regularly supports up-and-coming creators, and often appears on podcasts to share his strategies and high-level view of how to navigate the volatile field, providing wisdom to both his followers, and the NFT community.


Check out the gallery for yourself:

— gmoney.eth (@gmoneyNFT) November 24, 2022

Gmoney, once an anonymous investor before revealing his face near the end of 2022, first garnered attention when he paid 140 ETH (roughly $150,000 at the time) for CryptoPunk #8219 in January 2021. By May, Gmoney had solidified his status as an influential collector, launching Delphi INFINFT, a fund that invests in several NFT projects with crypto research and investment firm Delphi Digital. In 2022, he continued to be a champion of artists, whilst simultaneously becoming more of a builder himself by launching projects 9dcc and Admit One, the first being a multifaceted project that aims to verge the gap between physical and digital assets, and the second crafted as a private group aiming at providing the NFT space with opportunities and education.


A few of you have asked, so here is a quick mental checklist for assessing good NFT projects:

– Community (engagement, sentiment, size)
– Product (artwork, utility, culture)
– Team (roadmap, responsiveness, exp)
– Metrics (# of collectors, volume, market cap, launch date)

— seedphrase (@seedphrase) January 5, 2022

Daniel Maegaard, better known by his pseudonym Seedphrase, is a collector and investor with undeniable prominence in the NFT space. After making millions from crypto investments in the 2010s, Maegaard saw the incoming NFT wave and quickly decided to build an NFT empire. To do so, he bought NFTs from some of the most sought-after collections in the world, the most notable being ​​CryptoPunk #8348 – often considered the rarest Punk of all. A major proponent of blockchain technology and the malleable nature of identity in Web3, in 2023 his Punk has become his alternate personality and has led to Maegaard branching his influence into the world of fashion, and electronic music as a DJ.


Excited to announce the launch of @AOTMgallery.

Art of This Millennium is a global gallery specializing in contemporary digital art, working closely with artists on all aspects of career planning and execution.

— VincentVanDough (@Vince_Van_Dough) November 22, 2022

Vincent Van Dough is a pseudonymous NFT collector, investor, and thought leader who has become one of the most popular and prominent names in the NFT community. Said to have spent tens of millions on NFTs, Van Dough rose to popularity for collecting/believing in NFTs even prior to NFTs achieving mainstream notoriety. Throughout the twists and turns of the NFT market, Van Dough has remained a staunch supporter of historical and meaningful fine art NFTs, and is said to be the purveyor of one of the largest collections of Art Blocks NFTs. In 2022, Van Dough launched Art of This Millennium, a global gallery specializing in contemporary digital art that works closely with artists on all aspects of career planning and execution.


Up to 230+ pieces in my @GALLERY so far

about 33% through my collection, been hiding hundreds of spam contract/collections to find gems buried in my wallets

— DeeZe (@DeezeFi) November 19, 2022

DeeZe is a pseudonymous NFT collector, investor, and crypto trader who has become one of the most influential commentators and tastemakers in the NFT space. Considered a champion of rising artists and builders within the ecosystem, DeeZe first began to accrue a profit through crypto trading, then moved to DeFi before becoming a major proponent of photography NFTs — dedicating countless numbers of his Twitter Spaces to spotlighting artists in the burgeoning sector. Having remained faceless and pseudonymous, he is considered to be a quintessential part of the NFT space and is seemingly one of the most respected anons in Web3.

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