BREAKING: AI Artist Claire Silver’s Latest Collection to Premier at the Louvre

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AI-collaborative artist and AI art movement advocate Claire Silver announced today that her newest collection will debut at the Louvre on March 21.
Silver’s existing 1/1 artwork, Love in the Fourth Turning, will also be exhibited at the world-famous art museum. Both are in collaboration with Superchief NFT.
In the same tweet detailing the announcements, Silver also revealed that she has signed for representation with WME as the company’s first AI artist.

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Silver is one of the AI art movement’s most consistent and prominent voices, regularly holding AI-collaborative art contests on Twitter and providing perspective and advice for both artists and AI art skeptics on the technology’s value and potential. As such, she has made several landmark sales in the NFT space, with her genesis piece, c l a i r e, selling on SuperRare for 52 ETH (over $92,000).

Silver’s defining AI-collaborative art collection, AI Art is Not Art, recently surpassed the 1,000 ETH mark in trading volume on the secondary market, and the collection has seen 50 sales in the last 30 days ranging from 2.3 to 9.11 ETH, as interest in AI art tools and collaborative artists’ pedigree continues its steady rise.

My new collection will premiere at the Louvre.

My 1/1 “Love in the 4th Turning” will exhibit at the Louvre.

Both are with & thanks to @SuperchiefNFT

I’ve signed with @WME as their 1st AI artist. We’ll bring AI art to mainstream culture together.@Variety magazine link below

— Claire Silver (@ClaireSilver12) March 6, 2023

In the run-up to today’s announcement, Silver had tweeted a cryptic image of a silhouette and responded to followers who enquired about the forthcoming news by saying, “The announcement Monday should theoretically make [people] happy they supported [me] when they did.”

A still from Silver’s “Love in the Fourth Tuning.” Credit: Claire Silver

The news represents a milestone for both Silver as an individual AI-collaborative artist and for the AI art movement as a whole. Not only does it legitimize on the grandest of institutional scales the significance, bravery, and humanity of artists who use artificial intelligence in their work, it is a clarion call for all that follow in Silver’s footsteps that AI art is indeed art.

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