Lamborghini’s 7-Month NFT Campaign to Conclude With Special Drop

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After a seven-month NFT campaign, Automobili Lamborghini is bringing its ‘Epic Road Trip” drop to a conclusion with a 60th-anniversary digital collectible and special airdrops to its most consistent collectors, according to a company press release shared with nft now.
The celebratory collectible will be available to those who attend any of Lamborghini’s IRL 60th anniversary celebrations as well as those who visit Lamborghini dealerships via a QR code. The commemorative collectible will also be airdropped to those who collected two or more NFTs from the eight separate monthly drops throughout the campaign.
All holders of the commemorative NFT will be granted access to an exclusive, AMA-style session with senior Lamborghini executives to discuss the brand’s history and future.

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With the final drop of Lamborghini’s Epic Road Trip NFT campaign taking place on March 20, the iconic automotive brand is looking back on its first major foray into the Web3 space. While the company has dabbled in NFTs previously, having teamed up with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner to release a series of five Lamborghini Ultimae collectibles in January of last year, the Epic Road Trip signaled the brand’s long-term interest in blockchain-based tech.

“Lamborghini’s commitment to innovation extends beyond our super sports cars and into all aspects of our business — especially as we reach younger generations,” Lamborghini’s Marketing Director Christian Mastro said in the press release. “The Epic Road Trip is the latest example of our unconventional approach, which has powered us for six decades. As we celebrate 60 years of forward-looking attitude, we want to reward customers and fans of the past, present, and future for their loyalty — giving them the chance to get further involvement and connection with the brand.”

Credit: Lamborghini

In the press release, the company emphasized that, while the Epic Road Trip is reaching its conclusion, this is only the beginning for the brand as it continues to explore ways to engage with its fan and customer base via Web3.

While the official 60th anniversary of the company will occur on May 6, 2023, Lamborghini enthusiasts around the world are already celebrating. On February 23, more than 280 Lamborghinis gathered at the Suzuka Circuit racetrack in Japan. In total, 251 of the cars took part in a parade around the racetrack, officially making it the “largest parade of Lamborghini cars,” according to Guinness World Records.

What’s next

Car enthusiasts are watching their favorite brands increasingly experiment in the Web3 space with a keen eye. In January, Porsche dropped its first NFT collection and was met with significant criticism from the NFT community due to its high mint price and the brand’s perceived lack of transparency and communication with Web3 natives. In the wake of the backlash, the Porsche team announced that it would cut back the original 10,000 NFT supply and stop the mint, saying it wanted to foster “the best experience for an exclusive community.”

Credit: Porsche

The course correction seems to have worked; the 2,363-strong collection’s floor price currently sits at 1.939 ETH ($2,900) and has done 8,951 ETH (just shy of $14 million) in trading volume on the secondary market. However, the lesson remains: if automotive brands approach Web3 from a web2 lens, they will likely have a hard time navigating the market.

Lamborghini has taken a slower and steadier approach to NFTs over the last year or so, and that piecemeal strategy could pay off for the brand. The result is a more organically-formed Web3 consumer base that has confidence in the company’s ability to deliver collectibles worth their while. And as bull-market sentiment begins to gather steam in the Web3 space as 2023 progresses, Lamborghini’s next NFT play will be its most scrutinized yet.

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