The Now Pass Mint Details Have Been Unveiled

The Alpha:

The Now Pass collection of 2,750 NFTs offering exclusive access to nft now’s ecosystem is here.
Produced by the N3 Foundation, the NFTs will be released in three minting phases at
Phase One begins on March 23 at 10 am ET, Phase Two on March 23 at 2 pm, and Phase Three — the public sale of the NFTs — starts on March 24 at 9 am.

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Traditional media isn’t just problematic, it’s broken. With the rise of social media and programmatic advertising in the last two decades, media outlets have become addicted to the traffic social platforms brought them. The result is a system that optimizes for clicks and ad revenue rather than stories of substance and journalistic integrity.

Anyone who has used the internet for more than a few years is familiar with the ugly realities that this kind of model has cultivated: the prolific spread of misinformation, the selling of user data to the highest bidder, and the ever-increasing fragmentation of the cultural and political bonds needed to form a just, forward-looking society.

Even at the level of the consumer-publisher relationship, this model is deeply problematic and imbalanced — on both ends. Rather than putting a premium on producing informative, unbiased content, media organizations are incentivized to aim for page views and for revenue. They’re motivated to track their audiences, almost predatorily, to learn how to better hook them in the future. Readers are likewise drawn to increasingly sensationalist content, offering their time (and their data) to whoever can wave the shiniest headline in front of them.

And the most astonishing thing about it all is that neither party is happy with this system.

The Now Pass is a chance to change this outdated, regressive media model for the better. With the Now Pass, holders will gain access to the Now Network – nft now’s ecosystem of media offerings and initiatives based on the values of digital ownership and a reciprocal relationship with our community.

The Now Network will be built over time, not overnight. While there is plenty in the pipeline yet to be revealed, some of its announced offerings include:

Exclusive access to nft now’s acclaimed IRL and virtual events.

A first look at information and insights exclusive to holders, including private chats with industry leaders.

Priority signup to allowlists for top projects in the web3 space.

Reward mechanisms for participation, including XP points for sharing, engaging, and contributing to nft now content, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.

Access to community-curated content initiatives, such as on-chain nomination and voting for leading series like Next Up.

A specialized suite of products designed to help you succeed in web3’s fast-paced climate.

You can learn more about the vision for the Now Network in our op-ed here.

Now Network

Now Pass Mint phases

Minting will take place in three phases at Make sure you have some ETH in a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallets, or you won’t be able to mint your Now Pass. You can check your allowlist eligibility by connecting your wallet to the site.

Phase One — which starts on March 23 at 10 am ET and ends at 2 pm— will include NFT100 and Next Up honorees, artists, and guest speakers who joined us at The Gateway. Others eligible for Phase One of the mint are Day One POAP holders as well as investors and partners. nft now staff members will also each receive one Now Pass during this phase of the mint under a 12-month lockup.

Phase Two begins on March 23 at 2 pm and ends at 9 am on March 24. Those eligible for this stage of the mint are individuals chosen in allowlist giveaways, community collaborations, and Premint signups.

Phase Three — starting March 24 at 9 am—will open the Now Pass to the public if supplies last.

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