From Cars to NFTs: Renault’s RACING SHOE5 Accelerates Their Innovation

Established in 1989, the Renault Company has revolutionized the automotive industry — from the brand’s 1906 Grand Prix win to breaking speed records with turbocharged engines. While the French automaker may be known for its iconic cars and cutting-edge technology, its mission to drive innovation isn’t limited to the road.

In December 2022, the team dropped its genesis NFT collection, genR5. Now, they’re making waves in the fashion space with their latest NFT collection, the Racing Shoe5 series.

This latest drop is all part of Renault’s larger goal of continually advancing its brand in the Web3 space and beyond. We spoke with the Renault team to learn more about the drop, their immersive 3D shopping experience, and what’s next for the brand in Web3.

Utility and transparency

Inspired by the legendary Renault 5 Turbo model popular in Europe in the 1980s, the Racing Shoe5 collection features 960 limited-edition 3D art NFTs, each with a corresponding physical pair of sneakers. An NFC chip is embedded in the physical pair’s tongue, giving the owner access to an NFT digital passport. Each NFT will sell for 265 euros and is available to mint through May 17.

The collection includes six unique designs; five inspired by the original R5 Turbo from the 80s, and a sixth one developed in collaboration with Renault designers and the R3NLT community. Each sneaker is made from eco-responsible materials, including Leather Working Group-certified leather, and features design nods to the R5 Turbo.

These include a rear slope that evokes the cars’ chassis, an interior inspired by the cars’ upholstery, and shoe laces resembling seat belts. The collection includes 160 unique pairs per model, a nod to the R5 Turbo’s 160 horsepower.

Credit: Renault
Credit: Renault

Of course, the Racing Shoe5 collection extends beyond mere fashion. It serves as a portal to a suite of exclusive perks and utilities specifically designed for Renault enthusiasts and collectors. Not only will buyers receive a physical pair of shoes come September 2023, but they’ll also acquire the digital NFT passport packed with detailed information about their sneakers’ production, such as manufacturing data, composition, materials, and more.

This type of transparency was essential to the team. “Today’s consumers demand […] to understand how the product they bought — or intend to buy — has been produced,” a Renault representative told nft now. “We wanted to go one step further […] and have this [information] embedded in the sneakers through NFC technology.”

Additional advantages for holders include an invitation to a meet-up with the creative minds behind the concept cars at the Renault Research and Development Center and exclusive chances to trial the R5 Turbo 3E on the track (limited to raffle winners). Buyers will also be automatically whitelisted for future releases.

Renault’s 3D shop

Adding a new dimension to the Racing Shoe5 collection is the introduction of an immersive 3D shopping experience. This unique feature allows the community members to peruse the collection in a virtual space. Upon arrival, visitors can customize their digital avatar, then they’re free to traverse the virtual shop, taking in a wealth of content centered around the iconic R5 Turbo.

“We felt the need to go further in terms of experience and immerse our audience in the iconic R5 Turbo universe, which inspired the whole drop,” the Renault representative explained in regard to the importance of the shop.

Credit: Renault

The space also boasts an augmented reality filter, allowing shoppers to virtually try on their sneakers before they buy. The process of minting the associated NFT can also be conveniently completed within this digital shop, streamlining the acquisition process.

Why Renault cares about innovation

It’s clear that Renault is not only interested in preserving its rich heritage but also in reinventing it for the new era with sustainable practices in mind. This commitment has played a large role in Renault’s innovative nature — this includes their Racing Shoe5 collection.

According to the Renault team, “With the low emission regulations popping up worldwide to support cleaner cities, we’ll eventually see icons like R5 Turbo disappear from our roads. The idea with our Racing Shoe5 collection was to keep them alive on the streets – on people’s feet.”

By embracing Web3 and blockchain technology, Renault is creating new value propositions for its customers and fans, as well as new opportunities for collaboration and co-creation with its community.

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