Doodles Partners with Camp to Double Down on Immersive Experiences

The Alpha:

Doodles is launching its first-ever “retail and entertainment experience” this summer in partnership with Camp. This represents a new chapter in the evolution of the Doodles brand.

Camp stores offer shoppers a unique experience that combines retail and play at their physical locations across the U.S.

Collectors of Original Doodles will get exclusive benefits, including complimentary admission, merchandise credits, and unique opportunities to create custom pieces.

Dive Deeper

While Doodles has seen many new developments recently, including Doodles 2 wearables, the team is doubling down on immersive experiences. Some of their previous events such as SXSW and Doodleputt, were beyond some of the most innovative events in the Web3 space, and the team wants to continue what they do best: growing the Doodles ecosystem IRL.

Now, they’ll be doing it at Camp, where customers can meet Doodles characters on their shelves. The partnership will feature Doodles’ first kids and family-focused merch, a specialty toy store featuring new Doodles toys, daytime programming for families, adult-focused evening events, and more. Once they’re acquainted, the goal is that customers will be seamlessly onboarded to The Stoodio, Doodles’ digital collector experience.

“Physical retail is no longer a passive environment. The best retail activations are experiential, ultimately creating a lasting relationship with someone that discovers you IRL,” the Doodles team tweeted. “We’re doubling down on what sets Doodles apart, immersive experiences and quality products.”

A peek at what you can expect:

Doodles’ first kids + family focused merch
6K sq feet of immersive Doodles experiences & storytelling
Family-friendly daytime programming & adult-focused evening events
Introduction to the story behind the Doodles brand and characters

— doodles (@doodles) May 31, 2023

What’s next

In their official announcement, the team says they hope to use this partnership with CAMP to take their audience mainstream and exponentially bigger than Web3.

“Like Disney Land or Universal Studios does for their supporters, we will give people an opportunity to experience our brand in a completely different way, and ultimately fall in love with Doodles over and over again.”

Tonight we’ll host Doodles Sesh, where Julian will be joined by @benkaufman, the Founder of CAMP. They’ll dig into all your questions and reveal more about our most important IRL brand building moment to date.

— doodles (@doodles) May 31, 2023

Julian, Co-Founder of Doodles will be hosting Ben Kaufman the Founder of Camp on a May 31 Twitter space. Here, they will go more in-depth on this partnership, reveal more about their plans for the future, and answer questions from the community.

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