FC Barcelona and World of Women Spotlight Soccer Star With NFT Release

Barcelona Football Club has partnered with World of Women on the next installment of its Masterpiece NFT collection. This second release pays homage to a pivotal moment in the club’s history and an extraordinary athlete, Alexia Putellas, who has had a transformative impact on the game.

The NFT, entitled Empowerment, is an artistic embodiment of the Women’s Champions League semi-final match that took place on April 22, 2022, between Barcelona and Wolfsburg. On that historic day, 91,648 spectators were privileged to witness Barcelona’s triumphant win, setting a record for the highest attendance at a women’s football match. Renowned for her exceptional skills, Putellas delivered an outstanding performance during the game, scoring two goals that further elevated her stature in the sport.

Benefits and experiences

Following the inaugural NFT release, In A Way, Immortal by Johan Cruyff, in July 2022, Empowerment is the next in a series of ten pieces that the club will release progressively. Each piece will capture iconic moments and figures from the football club’s history, leveraging technology and innovation to engage fans across generations while preserving the club’s rich legacy.

The Empowerment NFT, crafted by World of Women artist Rhi Madeline, underscores the ongoing efforts of FC Barcelona to advocate for gender equality and provide equal opportunities for women in sports. Madeline’s striking digital artwork, featuring a three-dimensional representation of Putellas, is enriched with digital painting, special effects, and authentic chants from Barcelona supporters, encapsulating the electrifying atmosphere of the match.

“Having the privilege of creating such a meaningful work of art for a community as proud and passionate as Barça has been an incredible honor,” Madeline said in an official statement. “The values and spirit that Barça embodies deeply resonate with me, and this empowering experience will serve as a lasting source of motivation as I continue my artistic journey.”

Embrace the power of women’s football.

Introducing #Masterpiece2 – Empowerment, a tribute to strength, determination, and victory.

Own a piece of Spotify Camp Nou’s history and become a part of the extraordinary #BarçaMasterpiece #Masterpiece2

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) June 23, 2023

Aside from boosting fan engagement, this initiative aims to transform these digital assets into experiential, premium products. The future owner of the NFT will not only possess a digital artwork that signifies support for gender equality in sports but will also receive an array of benefits. These include a personal meeting with Putellas and a pair of signed soccer boots. The NFT owner will also receive a physical seat from Spotify Camp Nou adorned with a portrait of Putellas by renowned Catalan artist Oscar Tusquets, autographed by Putellas herself.

“As a brand that champions the strength and resilience of women and diverse populations, World of Women is thrilled to collaborate with FC Barcelona in driving forward our shared mission of empowerment and inclusivity,” said World of Women COO Shannon Snow. “Together, we aim to ignite a global movement that celebrates female athletes, breaks down barriers, and inspires future generations.”

The auction for Empowerment will be hosted exclusively on OpenSea, representing the first time a globally renowned football club launched an NFT auction on the platform. The bidding will kick off at 10 a.m. EST on June 26 and continue until 10 a.m. EST on June 28, spanning 48 hours.

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