Exclusive: ‘For The Culture’ Solidifies the Rise of NFTs in Paris

When it comes to the many classical established locales of the traditional art industry, Paris, France, has long been the undisputed epicenter. Home to a variety of the most influential creators to ever have lived, the “City of Light” is the place to go when you’re seeking the center stage of the art world.

So when NFTs verge anywhere near this historic city, Web3 is understandably raucous with exhilaration. Yet, from conferences to exhibits, few endeavors have captured the unique and budding culture of the metaverse art movement, quite like a forthcoming venture from Artpoint, NFT Factory, and Punk6529.

With a new exhibition called “For The Culture,” these three decentralization-fueled entities have enlisted a slew of artists to erect a considerable monument to Web3 and NFT art and culture.

For The Culture, exhibition details

Created in collaboration between Artpoint, the digital art gallery/NFT platform, NFT Factory, a decentralized technology proponent, and Punk6529, the prominent art collector on a mission to accelerate the creation of an Open Metaverse, For The Culture is an exhibition and NFT sale.

The event — which is billed as a celebration of Web3’s unique subculture, with all its humor, memes, and creativity — is scheduled to take place in person at the NFT Factory, Paris, and online via Foundation from July 5 – 8. Reportedly, it will showcase pieces from more than 130 artists, including works from the prominent Meme Cards project, as well as 30 unreleased artworks by Meme Card artists and artists represented by Artpoint.

Credit: Dom Barra
Credit: Victor Arce

Prominent artists featured in the exhibition include XCOPY, DeeKay Kwon, Alpha Centauri Kid, Shavonne Wong, Seerlight, and AlienQueen, among others. The exhibition also comes off the back of Punk6529’s acquisition of Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers #879 (The Goose), which was a significantly hot topic within the NFT space after it almost doubled its pre-sale estimate at Sotheby’s 3AC Grails Round Two auction.

By the culture, for the culture

Considering memes have remained an important part of internet culture since the mid-2000s, For The Culture is meant to be somewhat of a reflection on the influence of memes throughout the blockchain sector. Since the early days of the crypto art movement, artists have played with Web3 symbols to create memes, and the proliferation of these creations has developed into a heritage indicative of the Web3 community we know today. 

“The challenge with this exhibition was to communicate a common thread that unites over 100 artists from the 6529, NFT Factory, and Artpoint communities. All artists who work with the blockchain are using a new technology that requires an element of curiosity, experimentation, and even playfulness,” Vienna Kim, Artistic Manager at Artpoint and Curator of For The Culture, said in a press release.

“We wanted to capture the feeling of liberation in Web3 culture by representing a myriad of styles, techniques, and approaches while staying rooted to that sense of freedom,” she continued.

Credit: Sky Goodman

Notably, Kim expressed confidence in the mission of For The Culture, which is to explore the various manifestations of art on the blockchain that have formulated the unique subculture within Web3 — characterized by inside jokes, memes, and specific terminologies (like GM and WAGMI). 

Although For The Culture will undoubtedly draw a sizeable crowd to its showing in the heart of Paris, enthusiasts from all over the world are encouraged to view the collection of never-before-seen NFTs on Foundation. Organized as a Foundation World under the same title as the IRL experience, the online version of the exhibition presents a similarly immersive experience with the added opportunity to mint an open edition for the duration of the exhibition.

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