Lacoste’s UNDW3 Introduces “The Mission,” a Dynamic NFT Quest

In early June, every Genesis Pass NFT from Lacoste’s Genesis NFT collection featured an identical design. But as a fashion company, unique aesthetics matter, so their NFTs are getting an upgrade — one that goes far beyond looks. The Genesis Passes have now evolved into the UNDW3 Card (pronounced “underwater” card), marking a shift in the brand’s approach to community engagement.

With the upgrade to UNDW3 Cards, holders (who refer to themselves as “crocodiles”) can change the rarity, value, and look of their NFTs through interactive on-chain and off-chain activities. The more holders participate, the more features and utilities they unlock for their NFT. Lacoste is calling these activities “The Mission,” and the first season is already underway.

Let’s dig into how Lacoste got to this point, where they see their NFT collection going, and how you can become a crocodile yourself.

History of the Genesis Passes

Never straying from its tenacious namesake, the iconic French fashion brand launched its Genesis Pass NFTs in June 2022. The 11,212 NFTs sold out in eight hours to more than 8,000 unique collectors. At the time of this writing, the Genesis Pass collection has a trading volume of over 3,780 ETH.

Since its inception, the Genesis Passes have offered an unprecedented co-creation journey with its NFT holders.

In June, Lacoste offered an exclusive experience to 50 NFT holders, inviting them to enjoy the Roland-Garros tennis tournament from the prestigious Lacoste Skybox. Participants were treated to an exclusive gift bag with a custom polo, a dinner, and cocktail experience. This was preceded by a similar event at the Miami Open in March.

Tuesday, 50 of our holders had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful night at Roland-Garros in the Lacoste Skybox!
Let’s relive this incredible event:

— Lacoste UNDW3 (@undw3_lacoste) June 9, 2023

Holders also had the opportunity to be part of a unique community event at Lacoste’s flagship store in Paris, in the heart of the famous Champs-Élysées luxury shopping district.

True to its roots as a clothing company, Lacoste has masterfully integrated fashion into its community engagement. In October 2022, the company launched exclusive merchandise for holders, the designs of which were created by the community. Later that year, Lacoste partnered with the fashion VR platform Emperia to roll out a virtual store, an exclusive digital space where specific NFT holders were granted access to merchandise.

Holidays Virtual Store – December 2022

A token-gated experience within the Lacoste Holidays Virtual Store

An advent calendar mechanic to gift our loyal community

More than 15k participants for 150+ winners, who received the new Holidays collection apparels

— Lacoste UNDW3 (@undw3_lacoste) June 15, 2023

But perhaps one of the most exciting moments for the community was when founder René Lacoste’s old friend, Henri de Gayettes, made an appearance on the community’s Discord server. His involvement didn’t just create buzz in the community; it symbolically bridged the gap between Lacoste’s storied past and its innovative digital future.

The Lacoste experience through UNDW3

With their history of co-creation and community in mind, Lacoste is once again poised to disrupt the status quo. With the UNDW3 card, they’re not just releasing another NFT collection—they’re pioneering a dynamic new model of brand engagement, leveraging the power of Web3 technology.

Genesis Pass holders can upgrade their NFT to a dynamic UNDW3 Card. Once they make that leap, holders gain access to a wide range of exclusive experiences, including entry into Lacoste’s Waterverse, the UNDW3 wardrobe, prestigious IRL tennis events, and voting rights on community matters.


The UNDW3 Card represents a new chapter in our project – a unique opportunity for brand builders and entrepreneurs to shape the future of the Lacoste brand while unlocking a whole new level of utility.

Let’s dive in.

— Lacoste UNDW3 (@undw3_lacoste) June 28, 2023

Unlike other NFT collections, however, holders can improve their NFTs by participating in The Mission, which consists of both digital and “off-chain” in-person events, including quests, online games, discord participation, joining AMAs, riddles, and more.

But the UNDW3 Card goes beyond the typical proof-of-attendance NFTs (otherwise known as POAPs): it’s a living record of a holder’s active engagement with the brand, with all activities recorded on-chain. Holders earn points, which then change the graphic of the NFT according to the holder’s ranking, providing a concrete visual representation of their contribution to the community.

In a press release, Lacoste stated, “We firmly believe that the future of brand loyalty extends far beyond transactional interactions. The UNDW3 card celebrates a broader spectrum of brand engagement, encompassing creativity, conversation, and gaming.”

It’s clear that Lacoste sees Web3 as a playground for innovation. By inviting their community into the creative process, they’re demonstrating a commitment to a future where brand loyalty is about much more than purchases—it’s about participation, creativity, and shared experiences.

How can you participate in The Mission?

From June 29, members of the Lacoste NFT community—crocodiles, if you will—can claim their first points based on their Discord activity from the previous year. This rewards the community’s initial supporters and serves as an incentive for continued engagement. The season ends in December, when the 200 most engaged community members will be rewarded with new and exclusive experiences.

After connecting their wallets, holders gain access to myriad utilities, including creative sessions, video games, interactive conversations, and even weekly raffles where they can win merch, NFTs, and additional points.

As each season progresses, users will witness their NFT evolve in real-time. As such, each UNDW3 Card is a living, changing reflection of each holder’s engagement with the Lacoste brand. This is more than a loyalty program—it’s a journey into the heart of Lacoste’s vision for a more interactive, innovative, and collaborative future.

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