Now AI: Netflix’s $900k AI Salary, Meta Introduces New Tools, & More

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In this week’s Top AI news roundup, Netflix is making bold strides in AI, offering an impressive salary range for AI-centric roles amidst continuing actors’ and writers’ strikes. OpenAI has expanded access to its ChatGPT app to Android users, Meta is also ramping up its AI initiatives, introducing AI persona chatbots and a suite of generative AI models for audio production, known as AudioCraft. Let’s dive in.

In the Know: This Week in AI

Netflix Offers up to $900k Starting Salary for AI-Focused Role

As actors’ and writers’ strikes continue over concerns of AI technology in the film industry, Netflix is seeking to hire for AI-centric roles. The streaming giant has a job posting for a product manager focused on machine learning, offering a salary ranging from $300,000 to $900,000. In addition, they are seeking a generative AI technical director for their gaming studio, offering up to $650,000.

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The job listings indicate that AI will be integrated throughout Netflix’s business, from content acquisition to personalized recommendations. The increasing implementation of AI technologies has been a significant factor in the ongoing actors’ strike. The actors union SAG-AFTRA has referred to the rise of AI as an “existential threat” to actors.

ChatGPT App for Android Has Been Released

OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, which powers the ChatGPT app, is now accessible to Android users through the Google Play Store. This comes as many tech companies are deploying AI tools for mobile apps. Meanwhile, Google’s Bard AI uses a web interface exclusively. The launch raises questions about the continued hype around AI chatbots and their future trajectory.

Stability AI Unviels Stable Diffusion XI 1.0

Stability AI, a pioneer in open generative AI, has launched its advanced text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) 1.0, which will be featured on Amazon Bedrock. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service from AWS that provides access to base models from leading AI-startups and Amazon titan.

Stability AI

Notably, it features a fine-tuning beta feature that allows for specialized image generation with as few as five images.

Since its beta launch in April, over 35 million images have been generated using the model. The release reinforces the partnership between Stability AI and Amazon, demonstrating their shared commitment to advancing AI applications.

Meta Introduces AI Persona Chatbots and AudioCraft

According to the Financial Times, Meta plans to launch AI-powered chatbots with distinct personalities to bolster engagement across its social media platforms. The chatbots will mimic a range of characters, such as historical figures or casual travelers, and provide recommendations and advice to users. In February of this year, Meta announced its focus on generative AI, aiming to create expressive and creative tools, including AI personas.

Today we’re sharing details on AudioCraft, a new family of generative AI models built for generating high-quality, realistic audio & music from text. AudioCraft is a single code base that works for music, sound, compression & generation — all in the same place.

More details

— Meta AI (@MetaAI) August 2, 2023

Today, Meta has also introduced AudioCraft, a suite of generative AI models aimed at producing high-quality, realistic audio and music from text. The suite includes three models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and an upgraded EnCodec. Released for public research, Meta believes this innovative tool will significantly influence future technologies and how users interact with them.

AI Candy

This week, we’re spotlighting inspiring art pieces, mesmerizing videos, and other captivating creations that caught our eye, all born from the collaboration of artificial intelligence and human imagination.

friends.#AIArt #AIIA

— junk。culture (@junkcultureNFT) August 2, 2023

In @buenoworlds, we bring your non-player characters to life with our AI-powered dialogues!

Just type a quick prompt… Then, watch our magic AI turn them into chatty characters for your visitors to enjoy!

Your game.
Your characters.
Your stories.

— bueno (@buenonft) August 2, 2023

the ai generated vertical shots of Star Wars are so incredible, movie studios should release entire films this way

— @social (@SOClALRATE) August 2, 2023

‘The Sands of Yunus’ is a conceptual film trailer created using @midjourney + @runwayml‘s new #Image2Video AI, set in a baroque sci-fi universe.

art direction: @kattlatte
music: Lorn – Acid Rain#generativeAI #AIVideo #RunwayML #midjourney

— austin castle (@acstle) July 26, 2023

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