Inside Pixel Vault’s Acquisition of Wolf Game

In the constantly changing landscape of blockchain gaming, few projects stand out for their innovative and strategic approaches. Wolf Game, a notable play-to-earn (P2E) game within the NFT community, has embarked on a new chapter. Pixel Vault, with a vision to merge the strengths of intellectual property with blockchain technology, has now acquired the Web3 gaming company.

We had the opportunity to speak to both Wolf Game and the Pixel Vault team, along with the person who acquired the company, GFunk, to discuss how the acquisition came about and what this means for the future of both entities.

“I have always been drawn to projects that “lead.” When you can combine innovative ideas with execution, then youve really got something special.”


How the acquisition transpired

The roads of Pixel Vault and Wolf Game met, thanks to an introduction by Beanie. With talks between PV’s Head of Gaming, Goozeggz, and Wolf Game’s Shep dating back 18 months, both teams realized the synergy of their goals.

Their shared ambition? To nurture and expand a community that genuinely understands and appreciates the fusion of game theory, risk, and blockchain mechanics.

“I believe our communities are very like-minded in their love for the merger of IP with blockchain technology, especially in leveraging game theoretical decision-making and risk. Given the features of the Reboot Protocol and our go-forward plans at PV, Wolf Game was a no-brainer. We are thrilled to have them with us for the next chapter.” GFunk shared with nft now.

Today, Wolf Game joins the @pixelvault_ family, setting forth on an exhilarating journey anew. The existing team continues onward.

So, too, does The Shepherd: an icon of our unified team and vision, advisor, and protector forever Watching Over Our Lands.

— Wolf Game (@wolfdotgame) August 8, 2023

Wolf Game: A recap of its phenomenon

For those unfamiliar, Wolf Game is different from your typical action-packed gaming adventure. Instead, it’s a strategic realm where Sheep and Wolves vie for the coveted WOOL token on the blockchain. With over 26,399 ETH in trading volume by January 2023 and a unique high-risk-high-reward model, it’s no wonder the game has roped in big names from the NFT world, including Beanie, Gmoney, and Gary Vee.

Players engage in on-chain strategy, using their NFT characters to earn passive income through staking. The catch? The Wolves can loot sheep’s earnings, and even the Sheep’s NFTs themselves. It’s a dance of wit, strategy, and risk.


Like any P2E, questions about Wolf Game’s sustainability arise. After all, early adopters experienced significant gains in 2021, but could this last? Impressively, Wolf Game’s ecosystem remains vigorous. Several dynamics, such as burn events, work against inflationary trends, maintaining the game’s equilibrium.

With a healthy trading volume and big names like Gmoney investing significant sums, Wolf Game’s trajectory seems robust. The team’s consistent engagement and teasers about future developments suggest a vibrant road ahead, further solidified by Pixel Vault’s acquisition.

What’s next for Wolf Game under Pixel Vault?

In terms of control, Pixel Vault’s acquisition grants them “exclusive, perpetual rights.” This essentially means they have the sole authority to chart Wolf Game’s course into the future. Although Shep is taking a step back from day-to-day operations, he’ll continue in an advisory role to ensure the game’s essence remains intact.

“We’re going to listen first. They’ve got plans and a team in place that will continue building out their game experiences until a time when we can transition to the Reboot protocol. “

Pixel Vault

Pixel Vault aims to honor the game’s existing plans while supercharging its journey ahead. Their focus isn’t on upheaval but on harnessing the innovative gaming mechanisms Wolf Game has already laid out. By integrating Wolf Game IP with the Reboot Protocol, they hope to offer their community a more robust and integrated gaming experience.

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