The Gateway: Korea Unveils Activations: Christie’s adidas, Beatport, and More

Today, nft now unveils the activations and partners for The Gateway: Korea launch during Korea Blockchain Week from September 6th to 8th, alongside FACTBLOCK.

Featuring immersive installations from Christie’s, adidas /// Studio, and, and Polkadot, The Gateway: Korea will be hosted in partnership with LG Electronics, ARC and I’m eco. A VIP preview will kick off the event followed by a concert curated by Brand new initiatives from multiple partners will be revealed throughout the three days. 

The three-day extravaganza, coinciding with Frieze Seoul, promises an immersive audiovisual gallery featuring a constellation of leading digital artists, including renowned names such as Beeple, Claire Silver, and Krista Kim.

Furthermore, attendees will get a chance to dive deep into the blockchain world, with fireside chats and keynote speeches by industry heavyweights such as 9GAG’s Ray Chan, Lady Pheønix, ThankYouX, and Stacey King from Adidas /// Studio.

The upcoming event will be the third iteration of The Gateway series. Following the massive success of the five-day festival during Miami Basel last year, which witnessed 12,000 attendees and collaborations with brand behemoths like Instagram (Meta), RTFKT, Porsche, and MetaMask, this year’s The Gateway: Korea aims to underscore the rising significance of digital assets in art history.

“The Gateway: Korea, co-hosted by FactBlock and nft now, will showcase world-class digital artists on the Korean stage,” said Seonik Jeon, CEO of FactBlock, “bridging Korean culture and Web3 technology for a brighter future.”

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“We are excited to usher in a new chapter with The Gateway’s global expansion to Seoul this September,” says Matt Medved, nft now co-founder, CEO and EIC. “Korea is experiencing an unprecedented moment of worldwide cultural crossover. The Gateway: Korea will celebrate this convergence by welcoming the leading creators and innovators at the forefront of web3 for an unparalleled event that transcends physical and digital and bridges East and West.”

The Korea Blockchain Week, now in its sixth year, is a cornerstone event for blockchain and web3 enthusiasts. Over six eventful days, the much-awaited KBW2023 will tell the riveting narrative of blockchain and web3. The week’s highlights include IMPACT, an essential conference hosted by FACTBLOCK and Hashed, and Seoulbound, a two-day EDM and visual art music fest.

To drive the global conversation around web3’s future, FACTBLOCK has been a pivotal force in establishing web3 communities, thus playing a central role in the web2 to web3 transition of numerous partners.

Stacey King, representing adidas /// Studio – a unique division focusing on global Web3 campaigns within the iconic sports brand- voiced her excitement: “Korea has been on our activation bucket-list for some time now – you’ve got a world-class Web3 ecosystem, a cultural melting pot of art, design and music, along with an incredibly dedicated and engaged Web3 community. It’s been nearly two years and a huge range of activity since adidas first launched into Web3, so nft now’s Gateway Korea feels like the perfect moment for us to show-up and connect with our Community in Asia. We’re also excited to bring the global debut of something new for the Three Stripes in this space… Here we come, Seoul – see you all there!”

Likewise, Christie’s, the world-renowned art business that spearheaded the NFT trend in the global auction realm, is equally eager to showcase their collaboration with nft now in Asia.

“We are very excited to collaborate with nft now for the third time – and for the first time in Asia – alongside both Korea Blockchain Week and Frieze Seoul. This is a perfect activation for us, as we continue to grow our Digital Art offerings to a global client base. We are particularly excited to launch a very cool project – on view for the first time at The Gateway.  You’ll have to stop by to see it!” 

The event will be housed at S-Factory, Seoul, Seongdong-gu, Yeonmujang 15-gil, 11 에스펙토리 3층 301호, and promises a blend of technological advancements and creative energies, reiterating the dynamic evolution of art in the digital era.

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