BNB Chain Announces Web3 Gaming Partnership With Ethlas

Ethlas, a prominent Web3 gaming startup based in Singapore, has revealed a collaborative venture with BNB Chain. In honor of BNB Chain’s significant three-year milestone, individuals can engage in the anniversary festivities by participating in a BNB-themed encounter within Battle Showdown, Ethlas’ flagship battle royale game.

Ready to celebrate BNB Chain’s 3rd birthday?

We’ve got tons of amazing activities lined up over the next couple weeks.

Read ahead and discover how to mint our exclusive NFT, compete in a quiz challenge, and so much more!

— BNB Chain (@BNBCHAIN) August 24, 2023

“The partnership highlights the shared goal of shaping web3 interoperability and infrastructure for the future of gaming,” Ethlas said in a press release shared with nft now. Battle Showdown is renowned for its incorporation of over 30 renowned NFT brands.

Gamers can anticipate an entirely fresh and engrossing game mode centered around BNB, featuring a novel playable character representing BNB Chain and exclusive mintable BNB NFTs that can be acquired directly from the mobile application at no cost. Users can download the game here and collect a free digital collectible.

In the beginning of 2023, BNB Chain told TechCrunch in an interview that that it plans to “double-down” on Web3 gaming. Distinguishing itself from Binance, BNB Chain has set its sights on becoming a decentralized, community-owned entity, operating independently. It prioritizes three key audiences: retail markets, builders and developers, and the transition of Web 2 businesses into Web3.

Campaign for the next billion users

Marking the initial stride toward involving the “next billion users,” this campaign offers players a distinctive prospect to become part of the Web3 realm through a Web2 game. This enables players to acquire deeper insights into BNB Chain via an immersive gaming experience, introducing them to the realm of digital collectible ownership.

A smooth transition between platforms is achieved by embedding Web3 on-chain activities within a familiar gaming encounter. This partnership underscores the mutual objective of shaping Web3 interoperability and establishing foundational infrastructure for the forthcoming era of gaming.

Elston Sam, Co-founder at Ethlas, expressed enthusiasm about this innovative collaboration with BNB Chain.

“Their dedication to interoperability and shaping the world of Web3 aligns seamlessly with our vision,” Sam said. “We are excited to introduce their communities to a new dimension of interoperability through Battle Showdown.” 

V, the Chief Scientist and K, the Chief Ecosystem Pilot of BNB Chain expressed their excitement for the third anniversary and for BNB Chain’s innovative future.

“We hope that everyone joins us in celebrating BNB Chain’s 3rd Anniversary as we recognize and amplify the blockchain community worldwide for their hard work, innovation, and resilience, which has contributed to the remarkable growth and impact of the Web3 ecosystem,” V said. “Looking ahead towards a decentralized future, we are excited to continue building and leave a lasting legacy in the Web3 industry.”

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