Inside RFOX VALT: A Metaverse of Web3 Innovation and AI-Enhanced Creative Tools

RFOX VALT is carving out its niche in the virtual space with groundbreaking advancements. It is an immersive VR-first virtual world where the power sits with the creators, who can use their voices to customize spaces, experiences, and assets through the use of AI tools.

The RFOX VALT blends social experiences, games, worlds to explore, and retail spaces. RFOX distinguishes itself from other metaverses primarily through its VR-first approach. Beyond that, it equips no-code developers with advanced AI tools enabling voice-only creations. We dive deep into the company’s founding story, how the product works, and much more.

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How it started

“The company was created in 2018 and was a way for us to combine the latest technologies to create a platform that allows its users to build, create, earn, and share experiences,” said Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder of RFOX in an interview with nft now. “What Roblox has done for game development, we believe we can do for VR experiences.”

Fairbank wants to push the boundaries of what’s possible. He envisions a future where the majority of individuals will immerse themselves in the metaverse, fundamentally transforming the way humans connect.

“I see most people in the metaverse,” he said. “I think it will change how we interact through games, social activities, and retail.”

According to him, this shift will not just be a technological advancement but a paradigm change in how we perceive and engage with one another in digital realms. Through RFOX, Fairbank aspires to offer a metaverse experience that stands apart from the rest, providing a distinctive digital realm that isn’t just a game but a reimagining of our societal engagement.

“Combining NFTs, blockchain, AI, and VR makes for a powerful combination that our users will define as we continue our journey,” he said. “The power is in their hands, and we can’t wait to experience what they produce.”

The metaverse experience

If you’ve never used a VR headset like the MetaQuest Pro before, it will be a bit of an adjustment. It is normal for new users to face a few challenges in learning the controls and interacting with the VR user interface.

“Meta is solving this elegantly with their tutorial the first time you set up your device, but since controls can vary between different games, it’s sometimes still a friction point for inexperienced users,” said Josef Andre, Product Portfolio Manager at RFOX. “Another common issue that some users report is motion sickness, especially the first time using the device.”

Here are the five steps on how to get started:

Open the RFOX VALT App on Oculus. 

Create an RFOX ID account.

Sign in using Apple or Gmail, linked to your RFOX ID. 4

Personalize your avatar using RPM 

Step into the realm

Once you step into the realm, you’ll be able to interact with friends, decorate your own apartment, play games, eat food, and more.

Emphasis on seamless onboarding

Your metaverse haven, customized by you!

Step into the future of living with AI-powered apartments in the RFOX VALT.

Embrace personalized spaces, effortlessly shaped by your desires using voice-activated AI.

— RFOX VALT (@RFOX_VALT) August 31, 2023

Andre states that in order for mass adoption to occur, NFTs can’t be forced onto users. That’s why he and his team are working toward a more natural transition.

“I would rather use [NFTs] as an additional value proposition and feature that enhances the level of utility and ownership in the project,” Andre said. “For the RFOX VALT, all users that log in will be given an RFOX ID, which acts as the identifier across the whole RFOX ecosystem. Once you connect any of your wallets to the RFOX ID on our website, you automatically get access to your NFTs in the RFOX VALT.”

He added that since there is currently no wallet option providing a great user experience for VR, this is the way his team integrated it.

For those who want to experience a token-gated apartment experience in the metaverse, first, users must purchase an RFOX Apartment NFT on Opensea. There are four types of apartments in the collection: Studio, Standard, Penthouse, and Sky Apartments. Users can use their voice to interact with AI integrations to personalize their space with AI-generated art and even hang NFTs up on the walls.

Where do I play?

RFOX VALT metaverse is available in Open Beta and available in VR on SideQuest and for mobile on Android and iOS. You can download it here. You must have a VR headset to access it.

The team is also developing a suite of tools, including an SDK and API, allowing creators to design and build on a stable and scalable platform. The platform will be open to a larger number of users in stages. The team says it is aiming to complete most platform features and tools in the next six months.

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