The Gateway Korea Live Blog: Day Two

In the heart of Seoul’s art scene, the doors to The Gateway: Korea have opened. Attendees, speakers, art enthusiasts, critics, and creators gather with a shared enthusiasm for art and innovation. Whether you are unable to attend the event or are seeking a comprehensive overview, check back to this live blog for up-to-date summaries, panel recaps, and behind-the-scenes insights from Day Two. You can view the Day One recap here.

Here’s our speaker programming schedule for the day:

11:25 a.m.: We find ourselves now on the second day of The Gateway: Korea. The inaugural day of programming (yesterday) proved to be a success. What’s particularly fascinating to me is the diverse mix of attendees hailing from both the East and the West. It’s worth noting that a significant portion of the attendees are Korean residents who are experiencing The Gateway for the very first time.

My co-workers and I have observed a few cultural differences during the panels and talks. Notably, Korean audiences tend to exhibit a distinct manner of attentiveness. Unlike the enthusiastic cheers and small talk often heard in American audiences, Korean attendees are generally quieter audience members. However, it’s important to stress that neither approach is inherently superior to the other. An audience’s volume doesn’t necessarily correlate with its level of interest. In fact, many attendees, regardless of their nationality, seem engrossed in the subject matter, dedicating a significant portion of their time to taking notes during the talks. I’m especially excited about the Christie’s panel and Community-Building panel. Keep checking back for more updates.

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