Lamborghini’s Second ‘Epic Road Trip’ NFTs Take Utility to New Levels

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Automobili Lamborghini launched its second collection of The Epic Road Trip on Monday, in a campaign consisting of monthly drops that run until March 2023, according to information shared during an interview between Lamborghini Marketing Director Christian Mastro and nft now.

The campaign launched on August 8, 2022, in collaboration with Web3 studios NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM, the global division of INVNT GROUP, which led creative, strategy, and marketing communications for the campaign. It consisted of four animated NFTs featuring an Aventador SVJ Roadster depicted in various scenes set on both the Moon and Mars. The fourth NFT in each month’s collection is a unique piece limited to only 63 editions.

Starting with its second collection, Lamborghini is also giving its Epic Road Trip NFTs new utilities and benefits.

Why it matters

This isn’t Lamborghini’s first foray into the NFT space, but it is its biggest and most significant to date. The Epic Road Trip will last for eight months and culminate in a special reveal, the details of which the company is keeping close to the chest for the time being. Balancing that large time scale is the collection’s exclusivity factor of releasing just four NFTs per month four days at a time.

“[At Lamborghini,] we always try to be unexpected, that’s one of the values of the brand,” explained Christian Mastro while speaking to nft now. “For us, NFTs are one of those things that can really make a big difference in a world that is becoming a hybrid between digital and physical. I think it is important for the owners, not just for the fans, to be able to enjoy Lamborghini in a different space.”

The epic journey carries on.​
Drop 1 from the “Lamborghini On My Mind Collection” has arrived.​

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CO2 Emission and Fuel consumption Combined:

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True to the campaign’s theme, various locations give the NFT animations a backdrop, which includes locations in space and iconic cities across the globe. In a nod to the company’s 1963 founding, the three “regular” NFTs of each month’s drop will sell for $196.30, while the fourth special-edition NFT will sell for $1,963. To reward collector loyalty, those who purchase all of the monthly NFTs (either the three regular or the three regular plus the limited edition fourth NFT) will receive a special NFT at the end of the campaign.

What’s next

More utility. Ahead of the September drop, Lamborghini is introducing new features to the collection. Fans who buy three of a month’s regular set of NFTs will gain priority access to that month’s fourth rare NFT an hour ahead of its public release. Those who gather all eight of each drop’s rare NFT will complete what the company calls the “gold” NFT puzzle to access exclusive benefits to their owners at the end of the campaign. These collectors will also receive a Lamborghini GLB file, enabling them to “virtualize” a to-be-determined Lamborghini model in the metaverse.

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Those who purchase two complete monthly collections will receive digital artwork by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini, produced specifically for the campaign. Collectors of all first fourth months’ NFTs will have the opportunity to join a special tour of the company’s Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters.

Mastro believes that the company’s January 2022 release of five Lamborghini Ultimae NFTs from Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, in addition to its April release of a 1 of 1 NFT of the last Aventador Coupé ever produced, helped the company understand just how passionate their fan and customer base is. And as a brand that prides itself on being innovative and taking risks, the progression into NFTs was a natural one for the company.

The company emphasized how valuable the Web3 medium is to a name like Lamborghini. More than an occasional publicity stunt or a revenue generator, they are a way to carry the brand into the future.

“This is what the new generation is looking for,” Mastro explained. “I remember when I was a kid that I was collecting stickers of soccer players and cars. The new generation is collecting things on their phones. NFTs are as important as any other licensing business we have.”

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