Bitmap Theory: Where Bitcoin and the Metaverse Meet

From Bitcoin Ordinals to Recursive Inscriptions and now Bitmaps, if it seems like the Bitcoin news is coming at you too fast, we got you covered. A new theory, called Bitmap, has introduced an innovative approach that could link Bitcoin with the metaverse. Announced on June 13, the concept was created by Bitoshi Blockamoto, a play on the name Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. 

Bitmap Theory is an open-source standard that allows users to claim ownership of a Bitcoin block by inscribing it on a sat (the smallest Bitcoin unit). This parallels Ordinals, allowing users to etch everlasting marks on individual satoshis. However, Bitmap takes the concept a step further by allowing users to possess entire Bitcoin blocks and engrave them with unique inscriptions.

But that’s only the beginning. Once a block is inscribed, it has the potential to become a part of a metaverse. According to the theory, platforms could translate the block data into 3D space, giving owners the right to build in these digital spaces.

“Block owners can become active contributors to the metaverse, offering a platform for building upon their blocks and creating vibrant, community-driven spaces,” the Bitmap site explains.

Bitmap community sentiment

The Web3 community has embraced this new theory with enthusiasm, with many folks personalizing their blocks to mirror their unique identities and passions.

Played around late last night and finally grabbed some BitMaps

Alos experimented with @rcsvio

Decided to pay respects and represent @OrdinalFomojis

— G.weiman.eth (@gweiman_eth) June 21, 2023

ok just deep dived into Bitmaps

I honestly love it.

i like this idea more than i like ordinals or brc20s

the block being & creating its own art…& then “claiming” it?

as a way for future metaverse things?

the idea is insane & COULD be fantastic

here are my prettiest ones

— ashenone.sol (@notashenone) June 19, 2023

Magic Eden on Bitcoin has recently announced that it will be enabling Bitmap trading on its platform. However, the account tweeted a disclaimer saying, “As with many new developments in the space, we will enable these for users — but it’s important to call out this is experimental and users should do full research before anything!”

Inscribing and finding Bitmap addresses

To inscribe a Bitmap, click on any black square on the Bitmap Map (orange squares have been claimed) and inscribe it. You can also use Bitmap Finder (created by Kareem Fakhuri) to find Bitmaps instead of searching manually.

After you decide the quantity of Bitmaps you aim to create, take your newly generated addresses to an inscription service. A popular choice is Unisat. After landing on the site, click on ‘BULK,’ insert your addresses, and carry on to the payment section.

The thread below explains the different types of unique map interpretations, including Palindromic lands, Mondrian lands, and Punk lands.

Unveiling “Sub X Lands”

Dive into a world of unique Bitmap representations.

Own a piece of virtual real estate with immense historical value in this digital frontier.


— BRC-20 Allday (@BRC20_Allday) June 21, 2023

So far, Bitmap boasts more than 300,000 inscriptions, a figure that’s persistently on the rise. The excitement surrounding inscriptions will likely keep evolving at a swift pace. With OrdzGames pioneering as the first platform to provide tools for building games on metaverse land using Bitmaps, the future holds an abundance of possibilities yet to be unveiled.

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